Monday, April 18, 2005

3/18/2005 UHOH

the last 3 days have been the ugliest is something like 3 years. today the dollar is off and oil is below 50 for the first time in months. the vix spike up like crazy to highs not seen in months as obviously people are freaked out a bit, but I think well see the market prop up a bit here in the near term.
  • I but healthcare, with PFE reporting I am a bit concerned but LLY beat so I think we are ok. Buy PFE (27.71) Buy LLY (58.07)
  • Continue long gold and add to position (GLD 42.40)
  • Continue TOL short (73.41)
  • Oil worries me short term but I am still bullish long. I am just holding my position.
  • Cover SPY short position (114.15) Look for a rebound and short again


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