Thursday, October 19, 2006

Homebuilders composition

Look at these composition of HGX index and XHB. Homebuilders - but not. A large part of these measures are fixtures, mortgages, and insurance. To foreclose on a home it generally takes 5 months on non payment. Then you can pay up for those 5 months or the bank tries to sell your crib. Sometimes the sell for less than the loaned to you, which if you were smart and didnt care about your credit means you could default on your loan then pay your boy to go pick it up cheaper at an auction. Check out the composition. If i didnt have 12 beers with my steak I would clean this up but whatever, you get my point.

Ticker,Name,% Weight,Shares,Last Price,

HGX,,in the Index,in the Index,,

ASD UN Equity,American Standard Cos Inc,6.107,151.314,42.94,fixtures

BZH UN Equity,Beazer Homes USA Inc,3.571,91.163,41.67,

CTX UN Equity,Centex Corp,4.366,90.084,51.56,

CHB UN Equity,Champion Enterprises Inc,2.777,380.156,7.77,

DHI UN Equity,DR Horton Inc,5.22,238.025,23.33,

HOV UN Equity,Hovnanian Enterprises Inc,5.916,203.43,30.94,

KBH UN Equity,KB Home,3.65,89.952,43.17,

LEN UN Equity,Lennar Corp,5.574,129.242,45.88,

MAS UN Equity,Masco Corp,7.906,302.539,27.8,fixtures

MDC UN Equity,MDC Holdings Inc,3.807,83.748,48.36,

MTH UN Equity,Meritage Homes Corp,0.846,19.414,46.38,

PMI UN Equity,PMI Group Inc/The,4.7,112.54,44.43,insurance

PHM UN Equity,Pulte Homes Inc,5.884,196.607,31.84,

RDN UN Equity,Radian Group Inc,3.994,69.092,61.5,insurance

RYL UN Equity,Ryland Group Inc,2.946,71.757,43.68,

SPF UN Equity,Standard-Pacific Corp,3.699,152.535,25.8,

TIN UN Equity,Temple-Inland Inc,4.987,136.168,38.96,building mats

TOL UN Equity,Toll Brothers Inc,6.162,226.514,28.94,

VMC UN Equity,Vulcan Materials Co,5.785,74.368,82.76,building mats

WY UN Equity,Weyerhaeuser Co,12.103,199.444,64.56,building mats

,,100,,,45.582% non home builder related

Fund Name:,S&P Homebuilders Select Industry Index,,,,

Ticker Symbol:,SPHOMSII,,,,

Holdings,As of 10/17/2006,,,,


Ticker,Issue Name,Sector Classification,% of Total Assets,,

CHB,Champion Enterprises Inc,Consumer Discretionary,5.39,

SHW,Sherwin Williams Co,Consumer Discretionary,5.08,paint

SPF,Standard Pac Corp New,Consumer Discretionary,5.05,

MTH,Meritage Homes Corp,Consumer Discretionary,5.03,

MDC,M D C Hldgs Inc,Consumer Discretionary,5.01,

HOV,Hovnanian Enterprises Inc,Consumer Discretionary,4.96,

BZH,Beazer Homes Usa Inc,Consumer Discretionary,4.95,

LOW,Lowes Cos Inc,Consumer Discretionary,4.89,store

TOL,Toll Brothers Inc,Consumer Discretionary,4.85,

ETH,Ethan Allen Interiors Inc,Consumer Discretionary,4.82,store

PHM,Pulte Homes Inc,Consumer Discretionary,4.75,

MHK,Mohawk Inds Inc,Consumer Discretionary,4.72,rugs

LEG,Leggett & Platt Inc,Consumer Discretionary,4.71,fixtures

LEN,Lennar Corp,Consumer Discretionary,4.71,

RYL,Ryland Group Inc,Consumer Discretionary,4.64,

DHI,D R Horton Inc,Consumer Discretionary,4.54,

CTX,Centex Corp,Consumer Discretionary,4.53,

HD,Home Depot Inc,Consumer Discretionary,4.51,store

KBH,Kb Home,Consumer Discretionary,4.46,

NVR,Nvr Inc,Consumer Discretionary,4.42,

WCI,Wci Cmntys Inc,Consumer Discretionary,3.99,

,,,, 28.73% non home builder related


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