Friday, July 21, 2006

Middle east

Someone pointed out to me that if you look at recent history what is happening in the middle east now has been happening for a while. Hes pretty right I suppose - many wars regligious conflicts....this is really more of a norm. It still is scary - news reports say India has evidence pakistani ISI is behind he train bombings a few weeks ago.

There were some pretty good tech earnings last night, MSFT, GOOG and some bad: DELL which is shifting my tech positions around a bit. They havent performed well needless to say but I am almost back to break even in MSFT ($24) and DELL im hurting. I bot some SDS at 72 yesterday to hedge myself a bit (its and ETF which is 2x inverse of market so its a downside play) and its also the start of my market short.

My CFC puts are a good hold and i am bout even on the position and finally are my INTC calls - I keep waiting for the dollar pop but cant seem to catch it. The overall market is hanging around - I think its only a few weeks before we test 1200 again and I think well see it well before we see 1300 again. I also am starting to look more at natural gas, especially the canadian trusts because I like the divident and the fact that they are paid in canadian funds.


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