Friday, September 15, 2006

climb north

well - im eating it pretty bad. my current positions are down 5% and i have been slapped pretty good in my nat gas and gold positions which is still in my portfolio thanks to my holding period. SDS is now down to 66 - i think ill buy some more. "Dont from average down"

THe market has certain had some good news points - solid broker earnings and some tech improvements. But im sticking with my short with the dec/jan time horizon - if im still wrong then ill cover. That or 1350.

Im actually thinking aboutgetting long oil again here looking for a little bounce. its very oversold in my opionion. Im also waiting for a nat gas bottom to load up on some nice div paying instruments even if the divs are slashed with the lower prices it will sill be a better investment than most.

And now peopel are talking deflation - CPI rose again and the economy may slow. Uhoh.


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