Sunday, September 03, 2006

Labor Day

So on the latest employment release everyone was pumped because there were 128k new jobs. But - if you read the report that was after a 120 adjustement in the birth/death rate. Basically only 8k jobs were made. I mean every single number is adjusted or faked or something. Its kind of pompus.

This week I sold my intel calls when the stock was just under 20. Well see i may have been early on that. Im waiting to see what the market does before i buy more SDS...that rally to 1320ish might just happen and I want to have some powder in case it does. Dont frown average down right.

Also my GM puts look like crap again off of some good sales numbers - well better than expected. Im still believing in the positions but looks like I might see some pain and might cover if thats the case.

Im still long DELL hoping the stock comes back to 25 at least abit more.


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