Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cheap Tax exemption

and just getting away from people. namibia anyone? i would prefer an island

Just bring a satellite link You can actually get one for under 150 grand...granted its 50miles off of nova scotia.

now, living in NyC i pay about 50% of my income in taxes. Its 40ish then 8% sales tax which easily taxes on another 8%. This all comes up as I was on my way to get some coffee this AM and was almost run over by a women yelling on her phone "Those [expletive] aint paid me the welfare dey owe me." I understand people hit hard times - everyone does. I also realize that I had a much different start on life than most. At the same time I know people who came from Columbia knowing zero english and with no money and are now managers at corporations like Travelers. I also know that if everyone is made equal then people with a mentality of "im mad because i didnt get my handout" are destined to be impoverished and I suspect so are their children.

My point is I think we have a broken system where we dont do enough to take care of our elderly, disabled, veterans and children and do too much to take care of people who dont wish to have a positive impact on society. Thats why communism wont ever work. I dont know how to fix it or if it can be fixed. Im just made I pay most of what I make in taxes to promote poor behavior and waste. Why cant I take half of those taxes I pay and dedicate them to an organization of my choice like education or wildlife programs? I would be willing to wager that no one would donate to welfare programs for people in their late 20's.


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