Monday, October 09, 2006

Kim Il Dong

Well, if nukes cant bring down the S&P what will? Negative comments from Fed Pres Yellen? She is concerned that the housing slump is more of a snap...and shes also worried about what that is going to do to banks. That didnt drop it either.

I suppose when you enter a true bull market this is one of the defining points. That, being bad news makes the market rally.

Ive added some GS puts, im early though. STock is at all time highs and I am now entering a short. Thats actually so dumb its amusing...but im really playing for some healthy correction - or a massive market selloff. Still long some GM puts, as well as SPY puts. All of which are in my face. Dell is staging something of a comeback altough I am still down about $1.5 a share. Finally im looking at getting long some GSS at $2.6 a share. I own GG but am down pretty significantly. Still long the nat gas PVX but that is a dividend harbor Ill own that position for a very long time.


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