Saturday, October 28, 2006

Interesting day

Well, friday proved to be pretty interesting. GDP was up, but less than expected. ANother interesting story was that the last GDP figure was miscalculated (specifically some auto numbers) meaning that it was too high and will be revised down. Im surprised I havent seen this story anywhere else.

Housing is still bad, and one thing that led some people to get buy some houses was prices were down 10%, and that is not including rebates, appliances etc builders are now including. Point being, housing prices are down more than that.

My investments now are hurting as im short GM, GS and SPY. Im also long SDS (which is a short SP instrument) and CAMH which is a OTC medical device company (and my only position that is currently profitable). Man, do I look like a loser.

Im going to start investigating investing in water - its a topic that is starting to heat up and a great long term investment.

Lastly, keep an eye on the election as if democrats win some control Pharma could get hit as well as some energy names (Excessive gains taxes. America at its best!)


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