Tuesday, November 07, 2006

up n down

well, its funny cause everyone probably says and thinks what im about to say but...market moves up sharply and i sell my sds and roll into some SPY longs. Market then sells off and i end up flat. Im still net short - im just aware that many people more experienced than me are calling for a bull market into year end. certainly they could be wrong, but until the market shows signs of turning over im with them. I thought for a second last week it was going to turn down but this week has shown otherwise.

single stock wise i like buying GAP stores volatility ahead of earnings next week. personally i think the store is garbage and will have bad earnings but i think there will be a big move either way.
Bob toll the man
i also want to add to my XHB homebuilders put position - more garbage news and more problems out of those crap companies. Where is the vision of these CEOs? The diversification? Just unreal to me that they couldnt see this slowdown coming. Although I guess they were pretty good at selling their stock at the

right time... What assholes.


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