Wednesday, November 08, 2006


well, the market likes dems and no rummy. bushs press conference was funny..i mean i WANT to like the guy, im a republican. but he just comes off as such a total jackass you cant help but think to yourself "what the f is he doing there". cisco had great earngings, so did priceline and look - this economy might be slowing but for right now stocks are just going higher. ive come to face it and have invested accordingly selling my sds for a nice loss and buying some spy. my xhb short is working out well and gold positions are holding steady.

my thesis for this economy hasnt changed - i still think we are in for some trouble but as has been reinforced to me its not what i think its what the market thinks. so buys stocks and sell some bonds. and then maybe go to the store and buy some more shit - maybe even with a nice credit card.


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